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Google Cloud Platform and Flutter Mini-Course released! | FREE TO WATCH

Becoming a full-stack developer requires a hand in all layers of the application development stack. This includes Frontend, Backend, Database and Infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services used by Google and external business for running various kinds of software. This platform contains relevant services allowing us to be effective in building full-stack applications.

In the Google Cloud Platform and Flutter mini course we will build an Image Upload Mobile App using a couple of Dart packages primarily gcloud and googleapis_auth. These packages provide a set of helper classes for connecting to Google Cloud Platform services.

We will be using the Flutter SDK to build our mobile app since it provides a great set of features and tools for building cross-platform mobile applications. It also makes sense to be using Flutter as it's also written in Dart 😉

Getting started

We need to set up a Google Cloud Platform account. It's free to set up and they're currently offering $300 credit for 90 days. This will allow you enough time to use the Cloud Storage service for uploading images to.

The contents of the video are as follows:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:19 App demo
  • 00:57 Create a Google Cloud Project
  • 01:32 Create a Cloud Storage bucket
  • 02:11 Setup dependencies
  • 02:43 Implement image picker
  • 06:31 Create your IAM Service Account
  • 07:51 Implement CloudApi Service class
  • 09:34 Load IAM credentials into CloudApi Service
  • 11:01 Make request to Google Cloud Storage
  • 12:10 Set correct content type for image
  • 14:31 Set custom metadata on image
  • 15:08 Implement loading and uploaded state
  • 16:59 Set bucket access permissions
  • 17:46 Outro

Once you've set up a Google Cloud Platform account, create a Flutter project by running the following command:

$ flutter create new_project
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Add the following packages under the dependencies key of your pubspec.yaml file:

  gcloud: ^0.7.3
  googleapis_auth: ^0.2.12
  image_picker: ^0.6.7+10
  mime: ^0.9.7
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Then run pub get to update your packages. Once you are setup, see the course for the full demonstration.

Watch full mini-course

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