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C++ Projects: From Beginners to Advanced

By Shivpreet Padhi

C++ is one of the most powerful languages in the world of devs. Hence, it may be slightly tricky to wrap your head around. The trick to mastering any language is... (drum rolls) practice!!

And projects are the best way to practice.

When I was introduced to C++ in 11th grade the learning curve was steep, until I did a big project on my own. This is probably the story of every person who fell in love with coding.

Projects teach you new concepts, bug fixing, exception handling, and spice up your learning experience.

So here, in this very blog, I have listed out some exciting C++ projects from beginners to advanced.

Happy coding :)

1. Management system:

Level: Beginner

Management systems are a very essential part of the functioning of an organization. Most of these systems are written in C++ because of its efficiency, speed and security.
Management Systems

The idea is simple, you need to maintain organizational records. It can be:

  • Hotel management system: Track customer details, room vacancies and payments.

  • Hospital management system: Track patient details, staff details, bed availability, and appointments.

  • Library management system: Track book issues, reading room books, readers entry and exit details, and new book purchase details.

It may be a beginner level project, however you can add your own touch to it and make it advanced as well.

Concepts used:

- File handling
- Functions
- Structures
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2. Games:

Level: Intermediate

As someone who loves gaming, the idea of recreating iconic games using C++ was very fascinating. So, I set on a journey to create all my favorite arcade games which do not require very high conceptual knowledge.

This project is intermediate not because of the concepts used, but the logic applied.

For starters it can be a terminal game. However, you can add external window and make it a fully fledged game. But of course, there are more efficient ways to do that.

Game ideas you can do this very moment:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Snake game
  • Google offline game
  • Pin ball
  • Tetris

tic tac toe

Concepts used:

- C++ STL (standard template library)
- Structures
- Class
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Fun fact: All the high level games are made using game engines whose core is C++.

3. Rubik's cube solver:

Level: Advanced

I learnt to solve a cube when I was in 6th grade. One random day of surfing YouTube videos, I saw someone write an algorithm for the same. It was very exciting to discover just how much you can do with C++.
Rubik's Cube

Concepts used:

- Open GL
- C++ STL
- Classes
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If any of you guys actually make it, connect with me over discord on the Crazy Codigo server because I would be very interested in the code.

Wrapping up

I have tried creating a list of C++ projects you can try out. Personally, I believe that working on a specific project makes it easier to learn a language rather than trying to learn every aspect one at a time.

As for those of you wondering, I am one of the new guys writing blogs for Crazy Codigo as J mentioned in the previous blog.

That’s all for this one. Follow us on all socials to stay updated about when we put out new content.


~ Shiv

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O, nice. I love cpp and study it for 1 year. In next month i want focused study and write few projects =)

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Crazy Codigo

Hope this blog helps!! All the best!!!