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What The Hell is COW?

By Jayanti Goswami

Some of you might have seen our poster for Crazy COW. Sounds kind of amusing, does it not?

Crazy COW competitive coding

Well, COW stands for Coder of the Week.

It is a new contest for all of you guys who might be interested in competitive coding. This weekly contest will be held on our Discord server.

Read on to find out more details.

The Rules of the Contest

  1. Everyone participating has to join a voice channel at a specific time on Friday. The time will be mentioned on our Discord server and may change by an hour or so every week.
    Discord vc

  2. The question will be posted in contest alerts. You get one hour to solve it independently.
    Contest alerts

  3. There is no specific language. All languages allowed by the site that the question is from are accepted by us. So, solve it in whichever language you are most comfortable with.
    Competitive programming languages

  4. At the end, one winner will be chosen. The criteria for winning in order of preference is:

    • All test cases passed.
    • Most test cases passed.
    • Least time taken.

This winner will be crowned Crazy COW!

The Perks that Crazy COW gets

The Crazy COW gets three huge perks:

  • Their name will be displayed above everyone else until the next competition.
  • They get a shiny Crazy COW badge that they can show off on any social media platform :)
  • They get to choose the question for the next week's competition and crown their successor!

Crown Crazy COW

How to practice

If you really wanna win but are in desperate need of practice, we have you covered. Every day, except Friday, a question will be posted on the contest alerts and you get 12 hours to solve it and discuss with others.

So, don't worry about being out of touch. Just practice with us.

And if you are not sure about how to get started, just take a look at Sam's blog. It is sure to help.

Wrapping up

If you are not in our Discord server yet, what are you waiting for? Join us, participate, and become the Crazy COW!

It is the coolest title of all time. Sources? Trust me bro.

First competition: 19 August, 2022
Cya there!

~ J

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