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Weekly Updates - Apr 19 2024

The weekend is quickly approaching! Here are our updates for this week! 🎉 👋

  • 📺 Webcast: "Bringing the "Smart City" to Life With Tondo and Couchbase" - Join us on May 7/8 virtually to learn how Tondo Smart processes vast amount of telemetry data in real time and how they use Couchbase. Register for the Webcast here >>

  • 📑 New Blog - A Guide to Serverless Functions - Serverless functions have become a popular application development and deployment approach. To read more about what Serverless Functions are and how they work, read our blog here >>

  • 📹 New Video: AI/ML, Laravel Couchbase, & Pushing the Boundaries of Software Development with Babacar Cissé Dia - Listen in as Nyah Macklin, Couchbase Developer Evangelist, chats with special guest Babacar Cissé Dia about AI, Machine Learning, and more. Watch or listen here >>

  • 🔎 Looking for resources? We got you covered! Did you know that you can find all kinds of resources in one convenient spot? You can find case studies, whitepapers, videos, blogs, training and more on our website. Check out the resources we have available right here >>

Have a great weekend!

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