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Grady Salzman for Contenda

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Pain free content management with Contenda dashboards

Before dashboards, Contenda users had to manually keep track of their blog_id. We searched our inbox for the email confirmation and clicked the provided link. This made it a pain to use Contenda over time because you always had to manually search for it in your inbox.

Now with dashboards, users have a home for all their posts. The dashboard also provides a home for posts made by other users in your workspace! You can now easily collaborate and coordinate with others on your content creation workflow without needing to pass along your user credentials (since Share Pear is read only). The dashboard also houses user and workspace settings. How cozy!

With your Contenda dashboard you can,

  • See all your posts
  • Access user settings to generate api keys or manage your workspace

Your dashboard is waiting for you to try it out now!

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