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Is there any consensus about how to solve common CSS problems (standards, preferred use of properties, ...)?

Asked by Anonymous.

The answer: Totally! (more in the link)



What's your thoughts on Angular and its place inside the corporate world? (Asked by Anonymous)

The tl/dr answer: it's a framework, and every framework has tradeoffs and usefulness. Use a framework in corp dev.

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As a front-end developer, how do you deal with hosting? Should you just send the client all the files and let them deal with it? (Asked by @Richard5977)

The tl/dr answer: It can be a great way to make more money. More in the link.



Hi Cole, is this something you enjoy doing on a daily basis?, I've started a project that offers free one-to-one consultancy sessions to other devs and entrepreneurs and I'm looking frontends devs to join in.

There's no money involved.

I could share the link if you're interested and answer any questions you have.


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What are your thoughts on GPT-3 potentially making a lot harder for developers to get jobs in the future?


I love this question! I'm putting together my thoughts right now. Do you have a Twitter handle you would like me to tag?

The answer (tl;dr): I'm don't worry about it, and neither should you.

More explanation: