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Ilya Nevolin
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Do you even Refactor? 001

Code refactoring is crucial but often overlooked. It can improve the design and performance of existing code.

The Python code below takes about 12 seconds to execute. Refactor the getData function to make it run in less than 1 second. Post your answer in the comments.

import time

def getData():
  arr = []
  for i in range(1000*1000*100):
  return arr

def timed(func):
  def run():
    Tstart = time.time()
    Tend = time.time()
    Tdt = round(Tend - Tstart, 2)
    print(Tdt, 'seconds')
  return run

def main():

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Top comments (2)

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Shubham Saxena

Skipping the loop

def getData():
    return [5]*1000*1000*100
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Ilya Nevolin Author


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