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Top 10 Trending Python Libraries in April 2024

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Hey mates,

I'm sharing the list of the top trending Python libraries from LibHunt Python. This should help you find something new and useful. As expected, almost everything is AI related. AI is here to stay, and that's what almost everyone is raving after.

Is there a library you'd like being added here? Something that's been on your radar for the last few months that was growing fast.

Library Description Stars Resources
R2R - AI, LLM The framework for fast development and deployment of RAG backends. 1.2k Repo, Web, Alternatives
ingestr - DB tools ingestr is a CLI tool to copy data between any databases with a single command seamlessly. (by bruin-data) 2.3k Repo, Web, Alternatives
dbrx - LLM, Gen-AI Code examples and resources for DBRX, a large language model developed by Databricks (by databricks) 2.3k Repo, Web, Alternatives
hatchet - Queue, Backend A distributed, fault-tolerant task queue (by hatchet-dev) 2.7k Repo, Web, Alternatives
OpenDevin - AI An autonomous AI software engineer who is capable of executing complex engineering tasks and collaborating actively with users on software development projects. 22.1k Repo, Alternatives
llama_parse - AI, RAG Parse files for optimal RAG 0.8k Repo, Web, Alternatives
great-tables - Tables, Data presentation Easily generate information-rich, publication-quality tables from Python 1k Repo, Web, Alternatives
MGM - AI, Language Models Official repo for "Mini-Gemini: Mining the Potential of Multi-modality Vision Language Models" 2.8k Repo, Alternatives
PyRIT - AI, Generative-Ai The Python Risk Identification Tool for generative AI (PyRIT) is an open access automation framework to empower security professionals and machine learning engineers to proactively find risks in their generative AI systems. (by Azure) 1.3k Repo, Alternatives
niquests - HTTP Requests but with HTTP/3, HTTP/2, Multiplexed Connections, System CAs, Certificate Revocation, DNS over HTTPS / TLS / QUIC or UDP, Async, DNSSEC, and (much) pain removed! 0.7k Repo, Web, Alternatives

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Scott Reno

niquests looks very good!