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Nevertheless, Vicky Coded in 2022

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This is my 2nd year participating and it's amazing that every post submitted, we are all contributing to a great cause.

For those curious, here's my post from last year:

Here we go with this year's entry... πŸ™Œ

As Covid-19 restrictions lift, lots of things that were on the back-burner the last two years have popped back into life, including all my YESes to help in various organisations, to give talks and interviews.

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My quiet routine felt like it was suddenly disrupted into a mountain of meetings, normally in the evening times as most people (also volunteers) work during the day, and are calling in remotely from different countries.

Shocked Hailee Steinfeld GIF By Apple TV's a good thing! We have been kickstarted to get things going, I have been looking forward to this.

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The progression from hopelessness as the world stopped two years ago due to Covid-19 as we stepped into the unknown, frantically finding ourselves (especially tech event organisers), and keeping ourselves occupied through crafting, coding, creative tech projects and many other skills/hobbies picked up during this period.

Last year we breathed a sigh of little relief, and from my side of things, I started and kept running PyLadies Dublin virtual meetups, and are still ongoing this year.

Being remote has its silver lining, we had the opportunity to collaborate with PyLadies Paris & PyLadies Munich

And this month, in celebration of International Women's Day, PyLadies Dublin are collaborating with PyLadies London on Tue Mar 15.

You can find out more about that event here:

PyLadies DublinxLondon IWD special event

Other voluntary activities (locally and afar) helps me connect with people outside of home, readying me back into the real world, one step at a time before we all meet in-person once again. My slow re-integration to community IRL is almost turtle-like and I am appreciative people giving me the space and understanding of my hesitancy to pop outside my comfort zone which was once (pre-Covid-19 times) my being, it's what I do... I meet, talk and connect with folks in the community IRL.

For the moment, I'm still either hosting, speaking, collaborating, or attending virtual events.

✍️ Or replying to interviews like this one for Jewelbots.

🎧 Or making podcasts for the newly launched The Irish Makers Podcasts.

Alongside this, I'm fitting in coding where I can.

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I'm still a big fan of 11ty, besides the Diversity in Tech group and event listings website, I also relaunched Coding Grace's website and ported things over (a wee shout out for Mick who helped me with exporting the data from our old Django site for our 11ty site) - - I didn't get a chance to write my journey for Coding Grace, which was more straightforward, but I have written one about my journey learning about it around this time last year for the diversity in tech site.

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Do I have more up my sleeve? I'm still a big fan of static site generators. Currently I'm slowly making my way through tutorials on Hugo when I have some spare time. BTW, their tutorial is not the best. Hence why I'm following these tutorials on Hugo (even though they are a few years old):

I'm hoping to use this knowledge to redo my website, and change it back into... a blog! πŸ˜† This site was created a long time ago and I wanted to bring all the various socmedia content to one central location, like a hub. The Irish born Chinese community (and friends) turns out to be pretty active on Facebook nowadays, hence not much updates on the website itself. So I want to rejuvenate it and focus on the stories of the community here in Ireland, and still have Facebook (and Twitter) to share things of interest.

I'm also taking up a challenge (which I thought would be really quick to finish as it's a refresher)... FreeCodeCamp's JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

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I'm nearly done but other things get in the way and distract me. πŸ˜…

So all in all, it's scary and fantastic that things I'm involved in IRL are coming back. And ofc, this is definitely working with folks from afar, I am so stoked that EuroPython is coming here... to Dublin!!! I've waiting 10 years (plus 2 more years, no thanks to Covid-19), and it's actually happening. I'm trying to help where I can on the organising team, my focus is FinAid, Maker-related/education activities reaching out to the local and European communities, Program, and bit on comms. Anywhere I can help a little when I get a chance.

Do subscribe to their blog and you will be pinged via emails about their monthly updates on the run up to the 1-week long in-person conference at The Convention Centre Dublin. PyLadies Dublin and all the Pythonistas in Ireland are waiting with open arms.

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Oh, and here's their latest blog as the CFP, Finaid and Mentorship programme just got announced today at

I want to wrap up with events, activities happening around Ireland during IWD2022, news and moar...

πŸ”₯ Events to shout out

International WOMEN’S DAY I am remarkable workshop

Tech for Good: Ireland Supports Ukraine

PyLadies DublinxLondon IWD2022 Special Event

Techstars Startup Weekend Women Dublin Online

(Diversity Friendly) Tech Basics for Founders Workshop

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