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CSS Rainbow Text Effect To Spice Up Your Web Design


Imagine making your website or project look super cool with colorful text that looks like a rainbow. Learning how to do this using CSS (a fancy code for making things look good on the web) can be a fun and useful skill.

In this article, I'll show you different ways to make this CSS rainbow text, and I'll even make it move around with cool animations. I'll give you the secret code (HTML and CSS) to make it happen, and you can try it out on CodePen. So, get ready to learn and make your web stuff look awesome with rainbow text!

So, here are 5 methods for creating a rainbow text effect:

Method 1 - Rainbow Text with CSS Linear Gradient

Alternatively, we can make the rainbow without the gradient transitions and display the rainbow as stripes.

Here’s the code and result of that:

Method 2 - Rainbow Text In CSS Using Text Shadows

I’m using the CSS variable --shadow-space to offset each rainbow text color by a configurable amount. This method will come in handy below where I will show you how to create a CSS rainbow text animation.

text-shadow can be used for multiple text effects. A while back I’ve shown how to create a text outline using it.

Method 3 - Rainbow Text Using CSS & Rainbow Texture

This is probably the most commonly used method for making a rainbow text in CSS. Simply using an image or texture as the background image for a text and using the exact same method as for the CSS rainbow gradient text.

This method is less flexible and it requires the rainbow texture image. Of course you can learn how to make a rainbow in Photoshop or make one from scratch in MockoFun. But, it might be simpler to just download this free rainbow pattern or this free rainbow gradient texture from Textures4Photoshop.

Method 4 - Use an Online Tool For Creating Rainbow Text

Image description

The fastest and most convenient method to add a rainbow text effect in your HTML is by using a simple graphic design app like MockoFun. This app offers premade template, and as it happens it has an easy to use and 100% free rainbow text generator.

You open it, input your text and download the end result as an image (JPG, WebP, PNG, etc). These images are perfectly fine to use in your HTML webpage instead of the making a pure CSS rainbow text.

And now, some CSS animated rainbow text effects:

Animated Rainbow Gradient Text CSS

CSS Animated Rainbow Text Shadow

In Conclusion
So, now you know several methods how to make a HTML rainbow text with CSS. There are so many uses for a rainbow color text in web pages especially because the rainbow is a symbol for many things.

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