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Taking back control of your URL!

Out with Bitly in with Rebrandly

What are URL shorteners and why do I use them?

A URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into whatever URL you would like it to be.

Now for we have a lot of partners that I track feeds for and keep the "Webdev" world updated. This allows me to offer all of our "Purr-fect Peeps" a one stop shop for much of their knowledge requirements.

For example I have a relationship with
Alt Text

tylermcginnis image

So when I say hey checkout Tyler's amazing React Course. It is way easier for me to remember two things tylermcginnis react. So now whenever I feel like mentioning Tyler's course it is easily accessible using my own domain

Taking back your domain!

So you may have noticed all of my links are simply which also gives my brand a much better reputation than a random "" link. Yes they offer this capability as well, but it costs some $$!

Why did I switch?

So here is the BIG reason why I had to make the move!!!

I ran into an issue with Slack (so maybe the blame starts there) my subscriber link stopped working. So I went in for a quick edit on my old link and sure enough I can't change it. Which means the 1,000 places I now have will no longer work and I cannot update it back to working.


Now the hard part

Now I have to track down all those links floating all over the interwebs and update time...which me luck 😿

🎥 YouTube:
🌎 Site:😺
📦 GitHub:
🗞AJ’s Week in Web:
💬 Slack:
🐦 Twitter:

Do you use a URL shortener?

Drop in a comment and let me know why!

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