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Sendinblue is our #1 WordPress Solution for Email Marketing

ajonp profile image Alex Patterson Originally published at on ・4 min read

Sendinblue is powering CodingCatDev and we are loving it! Sendinblue provides us with all of the transactional, email campaign, and contact lists that we need. When switching over to WordPress we knew we had to bootstrap the change pretty heavily and Sendinblue allowed us to move quickly. We would highly suggest using Kinsta with hosting your WordPress site and then using Sendinblue to facilitate all of your emails!

Download for free your complete marketing toolbox, inside WordPress.


Probably our most favorite feature is email templates and the design app. It allows us to stay away from all of those difficult email templates that we are not used to creating. In our world we are able to use flexbox and all sorts of browser based tricks, but in email this is often not that case.

Now if you prefer to create those designs, or maybe you already have them from your previous mail client like Mailchimp, then you can choose to use the code based setup and drop them in just as easily. I am sure as our staff continues to grow we will get more sophisticated but right now we are taking the KISS approach to most of what we are working on.

Since I have no real experience with creating a company, marketing, or branding the ability to run some A/B tests to find what is working and what is not is already starting to pay off. This provides a better experience for individuals signed up for our newsletter to get their favorite version of what we send out. Without being able to test what works and what does I would most likely be ending up in everyone’s spam, which would not go very well for trying to build up a brand.

An A/B test (or split test) is a way to test how two different variations of an email campaign (A or B) perform with a portion of your recipient list. This type of testing enables you to present the “winning” or most successful variation of your campaign to the rest of your audience to help improve your results.

When creating a test, you will:

  • choose one element to test, such as the subject line or email content
  • select the sample size of recipients for the test (each variation will be sent to exactly half of the sample)
  • choose the method for determining the winner: best open rate or best click rate
  • set the duration for when the test should run

Each recipient in your sample will receive only one of the two variations: version A or version B. After the test period, the winning variation will be selected based on your criteria (open or click rate) and will be immediately sent to the rest of your campaign’s recipient list.

This process ensures the best version of your campaign is sent to the largest group of recipients.

Make sure you find out more details in Sendinblue’s test email guide.


Probably the biggest reason that we use Sendinblue is the transactional capabilities that link directly from WordPress. There are a lot of systems that will do this but not with the same contacts, CRM, Campaigns also included. I did a ton of research to try and keep our costs low, while there were a few others that came in under price per email Sendinblue provided CodingCatDev with the most value!

You might be wondering how to integrate with WordPress, well Sendinblue has you covered there as well. They have created a very nice plugin that makes it super simple to implement. We originally created some very basic forms and have since moved to using forms within Elementor, which we think makes our forms must better looking and easier to use. You can find more details around that here.


Marketing automation is a software tool that allows you to automate certain tasks in your workflow by defining an automation workflow: a set of rules and conditions that trigger the actions you want to automate. These actions include sending emails and SMS messages, organizing contacts into different lists, and updating information in your contact database.


See for yourself, you can try it for a long time with great features, we were able to get up and rolling for free. Moving to the Lite plan has provided everything we need to grow at a rapid pace. The biggest key for use was having UNLIMITED contacts.

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