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JAMStackGR as a Backend

ajonp profile image Alex Patterson Originally published at on ・1 min read

JAMStack GR #1



Have you ever used Wordpress or Contentful? There is a new Headless CMS that might replace them.

Distribute a single source of truth to any (all) channel, device or product.

Sweet Query APIs

Prepare data in queries using joins and projections. CDN cache multiple queries in a single request. GraphQL in beta.

Powerful patching

Powerful APIs for patching, exporting, and listening. No locking with real-time syncing.

Secure & Compliant

Fully GDPR Compliant. EU Hosted.

Data encrypted at rest and in transit. APIs TLS / SSL only.

Apps, not ops

Sanity is a full-featured content API and editing solution that lets you concentrate on your core business.

Enterprise comforts

Third party login, free-form security rules, transactional writes and millions of documents.

Scale ready

Stop worrying about traffic spikes with asset and API CDNs on every continent – excepting Antarctica.

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