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Web 3.0 — The FUTURE of Internet

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Hey Reader, Do you know — which version of web-technology are we using right now?? If you have no idea about “what is web-evolution?” You have come to the right article. Here, I am going to demonstrate a full-brief history about web-evolution. Read till the end to know about the new version of web-evolution, which is yet to come completely. Having a knowledge about the new version, may help you think about many new innovative ideas that you can work on from today itself.

Web 1.0 (1989–2005) :

Web 1.0, likewise called the Static Web, was the first and most solid web during the 1990s despite only offering access to limited information with practically zero user collaboration. Back then, making user pages or in any event, commenting on articles weren’t a thing.

Web 1.0 didn’t have any algorithm to filter web pages, which made it incredibly difficult for the users to track down specific information from the web pages.

Web 2.0 (2005 — Present) :

The Social Web, or Web 2.0, made the web significantly more interactive because of the spark of better functionalities in web technologies like Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and so on, which empowered new businesses to construct more interactive web platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and some more.

Today when people talk about the web, they are typically referring to web 2.0. It is marked by the rise of social networks, cloud computing, and mobile devices or smart phones. It allows for much easier user interaction with their data and information, as well as to share information easily with others.

This made possible for both social networks and the content creation services to shine. As now, they can share and distribute enormous number of data between various platforms and applications.

Web 3.0 ( Yet to come) :

Web 3.0 is a new version of web technology which will be born out of the natural web-evolution. Web 3.0 is the upgraded version of its precursors — Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. We can also say that, addition of “AI and Blockchain” technologies to the web-tools of Web 2.0 is, what we call a Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 is a vision — a way to turn the web from a big, disorganised bunch of content into something that actually makes sense. Our digital lives consist of data which is scattered among billions of different websites and applications. It tries to structure this data and make it available for digital devices, in order to let them communicate with each other.

  1. It will make the web more intelligent and could process information with human-like intelligence, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. It will help us to have more control over the web with the help of Blockchain Technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Web 3.0:

Have you ever wondered about the role of Artificial Intelligence in Web 3.0? There are numerous ways how AI can help us in making our lives easier, be it by automating personal tasks (like booking a restaurant or an appointment) or improving common activities (like spying on our email inbox). In fact, there are so many applications of artificial intelligence that it’s almost impossible to mention them all. Thus , It will really make the web more intelligent with predictions and automated functions in it.

Blockchain Technology in Web 3.0:

Blockchain technology is much more than just a cryptocurrency. Click To Tweet Web 3.0, will gradually feature decentralised applications and services via blockchain technology, which will be used by millions of web users in the long run. Blockchain’s ability to handle massive data through its cryptography makes it a natural candidate for large-scale data processing. Through blockchain, we can simply share the data and make them accessible between users without the need to rely on a centralised server.
When there is no centralised server to control you, you will get more control over the web and no one can block you or cancel you. Its all up-to you.


Now, We know that, the first generation of the internet was text, whereas Web 2.0 consisted of images, videos and social media. Web 3.0 will be the era of smart contracts, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Therefore, All I want to say you, through this article is that, If you are a tech-enthusiast, learn smart contracts, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence now! there is going to be a lot of demand for these skills in the near future!

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Well summed up! And indeed, it is already clear how the blockchain and Artificial Intelligence systems are tightly entering our lives! It was interesting for me to read this article!))

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Richard Warepam Author

Glad, you find it interesting, mate!