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Discussion on: I created my own Pure CSS Micro-Framework, a tale 🙃

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Hi Felippe,

Awesome post and a cool project. The idea to scope it is soo important for adopting the styles.

Two questions are spinning in my head:

  1. why did you decide against Miligram and Skeleton in the first place

  2. how would you compare plume vs something like MVP.css

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Felippe Regazio Author

Hey! Thanks for your comment!

  1. Skeleton and Milligram are micro-frameworks that i use to fast-build small projects. As there were some points there i would like to be different and i were already experimenting different styling approaches, they automatically became an inspiration.

  2. I didnt know MPV.css. Looks great! MVP.css sure will be a reference for the future. I want a no-classes frameworks by default too, just semantic HTML. MVP seems more mature in this point. I think that the main difference is that Plume is Scoped (as you pointed), but i assume thats easy to achieve with MVP.css. Plume has a larger set of elements styled, also with more consistence (at a first sight): The available props to customize are easier to tune on MVP, but Plume seems more complete at this point, but at here i think is more about taste: do you want props or do you want to override selectors? Despite the semantic approach, Plume's also has a nice set of utilities. But at the end, i think its all about your taste and needing. MVP seems really great.