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Project Ideas for Beginners in DEEP LEARNING 🙂

1. Dog's Breed Identification :

There are various dog breeds, and most of them are similar to each other. As a beginner, you can build a Dog's Breed identification model to identify the dog's breed.

For this project, you can use the dog breeds dataset to classify various dog breeds from an image. You can download the dog breeds dataset from Kaggle.

2. Crop Disease Detection :

In this project, you have to build a model that predict diseases in crop using RGB images. For building a Crop disease detection model, Convolutional Neural Networks(CNN) are used.

CNN takes an image to identify the disease and detect it. There are various steps in Convolutional Neural Network. These steps are as follows:

  • Convolutional Operation
  • ReLU Layer
  • Pooling
  • Flattering
  • Full Connection

you can download the Agriculture crop images dataset from Kaggle.

3. Driver Drowsiness Detection :

Road Accident is a serious problem, and the major reason is the sleepy drivers. But you can prevent this problem by creating a driver drowsiness detection system.

Driver Drowsiness Detection system detects the drowsiness of the driver constantly accessing the driver's eyes and alerting with alarms.

For this project, a webcam is necessary to monitor the driver's eyes. Python, OpenCV, and Keras are used to alert the driver when they feels sleepy.

4. Real-Time Image Animation :

This is an open-source project on computer vision. In this project, you have to perform image animation in real-time using OpenCV. I have taken this image from the project's Github repository.

As you can see in the image below, the model mimics the expression of the person in front of the camera and changes the image expression accordingly.

This project is useful, especially if you are planning to enter into the fashion , retail or advertising industry. You can check the code of this project at Github and Colab notebook too.

5. Handwritten Digit Recognition :

To explore and test your deep learning skills, I think this is the best project to consider. In this project, you will build a recognition system that recognizes human handwritten digits.

You can use MNIST for this project.

6. Face Detection :

This is also a good deep learning projects for beginners. In this project, you have to build a deep learning model that detects the human faces from the image.

Face recognition is computer vision technology. In face detection, you have to locate and visualize the human faces in any digital image.

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Nice prompts. Have you done these yourself? Those would make a great build-in-public series.

codewithsom profile image

Thanks! Yes, I am currently working on it.