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Create a JavaScript Tool to Generate Acronym from User Input

The code provided is a JavaScript function called getAcronym that takes a string of words as input and returns the acronym formed from the first letter of each word.

What is Acronymn?

An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a phrase or a series of words. It is used as a shorter way to represent a longer phrase or name.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation to generate Acronym:

  1. The getAcronym function is defined using the arrow function syntax (const getAcronym = (words) => { ... }).

  2. The input string words is split into an array of words using the split method and the space delimiter (words.split(" ")). This creates an array where each element represents a word in the input string.

  3. The map method is used to iterate over each word in the array. For each word, a callback function is executed, which extracts the first character of the word using the charAt(0) method and converts it to uppercase using the toUpperCase method (word.charAt(0).toUpperCase()). This creates an array of uppercase letters representing the first letters of each word.

  4. The join method is used to combine all the elements of the array into a single string. The empty string "" is used as the separator (array.join("")). This results in a string that represents the acronym formed by concatenating the uppercase letters.

  5. The acronym string is returned as the output of the getAcronym function.

In the example usage, the getAcronym function is called with the input string “Fear of missing out”. The resulting acronym “FOMO” is then logged to the console using console.log(acronym).

Generate Acronym from User Input

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