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Programming with Shahan
Programming with Shahan

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In the ever-evolving landscape of programming, the quest for the perfect programming language often consumes us. We invest significant time debating which language to master, but we fail to grasp that success depends more on how we use the language's power than it does on the language itself.

Learning by Doing: The True Essence of Mastery

Even if it may be alluring to read numerous tutorials and thick books on programming, the real learning breakthroughs happen when you immerse yourself in writing code. The magic really happens throughout the creation process when you wrestle with the code until it submits to your desires.

Escaping the Resource Rabbit Hole

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Have you ever caught yourself endlessly scrolling through Reddit, YouTube, or Twitter, searching for the Holy Grail of programming wisdom? It's a common trap, but it's time to break free. Instead of being a perpetual consumer, become a prolific producer of code.

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Building Projects: The Highway to Proficiency

Consider this: instead of painstakingly attempting to master a programming language before venturing into real-world applications, why not start building projects from day one? Learning as you go, making mistakes, and adapting your approach is a remarkably effective way to absorb knowledge.

The Myth of the Master Programmer

It's high time we dispel the myth of the "master" programmer. Even the most seasoned engineers don't possess an exhaustive mental library of programming knowledge. They excel not because they have all the answers memorized, but because they know how to find the answers and apply them effectively.

The Beauty of Growth Through Action

In the grand tapestry of programming, growth comes from doing. Success is a product of countless hours spent troubleshooting, refining your code, and learning from every misstep. It involves refining your skills through practical experience and navigating the labyrinthine world of programming with unwavering enthusiasm and discipline, one step at a time.

The Hard Truth: No Shortcuts Exist

Here's the cold, hard truth: there are no shortcuts in programming. Achieving success demands dedication, the commitment of long hours, and the relentless pursuit of solutions to real problems through hands-on coding.

Embrace the Process: Stop Searching, Start Building

The key to programming triumph lies not in the pursuit of shortcuts but in rolling up your sleeves and building. Choose a programming language, get your hands dirty, and remember that programming is a perpetual journey of learning and labor. Real learning blossoms when you sit down and code, so don't squander your valuable time by endlessly perusing online resources.

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Conclusion: The Choice is Yours

It's your decision whether to heed this advice and succeed in your programming journey or to fall prey to your egoic mind's whispers. Don't be deceived into believing that watching an entire tutorial video equates to genuine competence. The truth is, without practical application, those hours are lost forever.

Final Thoughts and Farewell

I sincerely hope that this article has illuminated the path toward genuine coding proficiency. Thank you for investing your time and patience in reading. Farewell for now, and if you found this content valuable, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel or following me on Twitter and Instagram for more insightful content.

Remember, the power to succeed in programming lies within your hands. Will you seize it, or let it slip through your fingers?

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Diego García (chory) • Edited

I completely agree with you. When we are starting in the programming world it is better learning by doing as you said. The best experience comes from learn how not to do things and try until you get it.
However, some programming tutorials are really useful even for experienced developers who are looking for a solution to unblock a task.

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Programming with Shahan


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Daniel Oyola

Hey, thanks for your advice! I really needed this to continue with my project. Sometimes you need a call-to-action shoulder pat to continue to make your ideas real.

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Programming with Shahan

Great, Daniel! You got it.