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10 Tips to Learn Programming Fast (quickly & easily!)

Programming with Shahan
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One of the common and basic question among the students or someone who wants to learn code

“How can I learn to code fast and make a career as a programmer?”

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Whether you are a student, fresher or experienced person trying to switch your job into programming, you definitely trying to find tips & tricks to learn programming quickly and effectively.

👨‍💻Programming in Reality

Learning to code and mastering it can take years for a beginner. Most people give up before they truly get started.
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In the beginning, we get very excited about the concept of learning to code.

But later in most cases, students or beginners give up quickly. Because they find it difficult to continue. They get stuck, and they face difficulty in finding the solution for the code.

Learning to program isn’t an overnight journey. But, it’s also not as difficult as people think about it.

All it just requires is dedication, passion, interest, and definitely patience.

There are so many online resources available to learn to code easily, quickly, and effectively.

That's why we will discuss👇

🔟Critical Tips to learn Programming Fast!

  1. Learn by doing. Always play with the code while learning,

  2. Grasp the fundamentals for long-term benefits,

  3. Code by hand. It's sharpens proficiency and you’ll need it to get a job,

  4. Never Get Tired of Practicing,

  5. Ask for help. You’ll need it,

  6. Seek out more online resources. There’s a wealth of content,

  7. Learn From the Bugs or error,

  8. Don’t just read the sample code. Thinker with it,

  9. Take breaks when debugging,

  10. Be curious. Because, if you are interested in the topic, you will search for additional resources, like articles or YouTube videos, to develop your knowledge.

🏹Be Confident

confident programmer
Despite these 10 tips, the most important ingredient to learn to program faster is to remain confident.

To do so, you should expect to fail repeatedly, and be patient with your progress.

Because, becoming an expert at anything requires hard work and time.


If a single doubt ever clouds in your mind, remember, that every programmer this path before. None of them more destined to become a developer than you.

Whichever path you are currently on, be it college or coding BootCamp, the only barrier to success is your work ethic and confidence to persevere.


If you are interested in Front-end developments and programming tips and tricks, feel free to visit my 🔗 YouTube Channel


Happy Coding :)

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