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Elias Groll for Codesphere Inc.

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We have a problem..

It's a familiar one to most of us who work in #tech.

We spend more time setting up and managing #infrastructure than we do writing code for it.

Sometimes there are not even entries on #Google for that, and the only thing you can do is try it out.

For Codesphere Inc., Jonas Zipprick, Roman Frolov and me wrote many thousands of lines of ansible scripts, helm charts and code - for setup, not features.

While in the last weeks we tried out different tweaks to improve our huge kubernetes cluster, I am now proud to say we are building something from scratch so developers won't have to.

(For everyone interested: multi master, multi load balancer, external etcd and more...).

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Elias Groll

For everyone REALLY interested, feel free to follow, we will post in more detail there :)