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Introducing AI Code Autocomplete Powered by Codeium

Powerful, accurate code suggestions for every CodeSandbox user.

Filipe Lima
Product Marketing Manager at CodeSandbox

New day, new launch! Today, AI takes a huge leap forward in CodeSandbox with code autocomplete powered by Codeium.

This is the result of a months-long collaboration with the fantastic team behind Codeium, who provide an extremely powerful AI toolkit for developers.

Plus, we are making this available for free for everyone coding in our Devboxes 🎉

The rise of AI coding assistants

Necoline Hubner
Product Manager at CodeSandbox

In the last year, AI-assisted development has taken the world by storm.

Recently, we asked 2200+ developers how they use AI tools and were surprised to find that 78% spend at least 1 hour per week coding with AI tools. So it’s clear that the use of AI to accelerate coding has quickly become an extension of the development process. Yet finding tools that integrate with the development flow is still a challenge.

We aimed to address this with the release of Boxy, our own AI coding assistant. Since we launched it in May, we have learned a few things. First, with AI and code, context is king. External chat tools are a popular companion for most development, yet the burden of good prompting still rests on users to supply. Smart integrations that are context-aware and provide useful suggestions are the ultimate goal.

In speaking with our users, we learned that even context-aware chat and smart prompts are not enough to accelerate development to the extent we wanted for our users. AI code completion has become a vital tool for many developers. It’s not just a huge productivity boost, it can also be a great teacher for new patterns or APIs. So we are very happy to share that Codeium is now integrated into CodeSandbox and immediately available to all CodeSandbox users.

“At Codeium, we believe strongly that every developer should get the best tools no matter where they are developing. Thus, it only made sense to partner with our friends at CodeSandbox so that their massive community gets access to these cutting edge AI-powered features.” — Anshul Ramachandran, Head of Enterprise and Partnerships at Codeium

Codeium autocomplete

Codeium is an incredible AI-powered developer toolkit. Their code completion tool provides single and multi-line code generation with multiple suggestions to choose from. It supports 70+ programming languages, so it’s a perfect fit with our Devboxes, which can also run any type of project.

Showcase of some of Codeium's capabilities running in a Devbox.

As a team, we have been using it to write code, generate tests and suggest language for content. It only took us a number of days using it to fall in love with the integration and less than a week before it completely changed the way we thought about our coding process and estimation times.

Free for everyone

Codeium code completion is now available for free to every CodeSandbox user on Devboxes.

If you have your AI settings enabled, you will get AI autocomplete working in your code immediately. Note that we disable AI permission toggles by default, so if you have not yet enabled them, you will have a chance to do so through our announcement interfaces or through the workspace settings.

While the experience of using Codeium in CodeSandbox should hopefully be very intuitive, we invite you to have a look at our Docs to learn more about settings and customization.

AI is empowerment

Filipe Lima
Product Marketing Manager at CodeSandbox

It’s tricky to cut through all the AI noise. However, we strongly believe that AI has an increasingly powerful role in empowering developers.

By partnering with like-minded providers like Codeium, we are doubling down on making code more accessible to everyone. AI will shape the next few decades of software development. So we want to make sure it’s available to everyone.

To start blazing through code with Codeium, spin up a Devbox, make sure AI features are enabled, and tab away!

Finally, make sure to join our live stream later today for a Q&A with the team that built this integration, with a special guest from Codeium.

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