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Introducing Code Review, a weekly coding challenge series!

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Hey everyone! My name is Elisabeth Gross and I have the privilege of working on the Coderbyte platform alongside a talented and passionate team. We're working hard to enable 300,000+ developers to improve their skills and land their dream jobs.

We're launching a brand new series of free articles and challenges exclusively for the Dev.to community. It's called Code Review and I'm super excited to be leading the initiative.

Introducing: Code Review 🤓

Each week (beginning next week) we'll release one coding challenge on Dev.to that will be completely free for the community. The awesome part is that we won't just be posting the challenge – we'll also include real stats and insights from thousands of results in our database so you can see common mistakes, average scores, and average time to complete.

I'll be in the comments section each week discussing the inspiration for the challenge, key concepts, and giving out special rewards to the most clever solutions. We'll begin next week, but in the meantime, here's a bit more about me and my coding journey.

Introducing: Me 👋

I’ve been a software developer for about 3 years. I majored in Biology in college thinking I wanted to be a doctor, but by the time graduation came around, I just wasn’t ready to sign myself up for another 4 years of school, plus a residency and a huge amount of debt. I began working with a friend, Nis Frome, at his company, Alpha, writing content and learning about startup culture and the tech world. Very quickly, I started hanging out with the developers and fell in love with the creative problem solving they were doing in their everyday work. I began to teach myself bits and pieces and eventually attended the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy in NYC.

I have had a couple full stack developer roles over the years and currently work as a senior software engineer for Moz, a mid-sized SaaS company based in Seattle. I love being an engineer and am passionate about teaching and mentoring to help get more talented people into this great field!

Introducing: Our newsletter 📫

We’re going to be sending out a small, feature reveal snippet every time we release something big, so our community is the first to know when we break out something new. Give us your email here and we'll add you to our "first to know" list :)

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I am a full stack engineer, passionate about solving complex problems and collaborating with driven teams! I have 4+ years of experience working at small to mid sized startups.


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