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SQL-Quick tip #9 - Number of rows in all tables

Sql Server tips and tricks

This is part of a series of quick tips and tricks I have accumulated over the year, that I think can be useful for others.
If you have similar short tips and tricks please leave a comment.

Number of rows in all tables

When you start to work on a project for a new customer a good piece of information is how many tables does the database contain and how many rows are there in each table. Or maybe you don't have access to the production database and need to send a service request to the IT operations department to get information about the production database.
Then the query below will useful to you.

SELECT SCHEMA_NAME(sOBJ.schema_id) + '.' + AS [Table name],
       SUM(sPTN.Rows) AS [Row count]
  FROM sys.objects AS sOBJ
  JOIN sys.partitions AS sPTN ON sOBJ.object_id = sPTN.object_id
 WHERE sOBJ.type = 'U'
   AND sOBJ.is_ms_shipped = 0x0
   AND index_id < 2 -- 0:Heap, 1:Clustered
 GROUP BY sOBJ.schema_id,
 ORDER BY [Table name]
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