Deploying a NextJS app on Azure App Service

codeprototype profile image Kevin Le ・1 min read

From what I experience, deploying a ReactJS with NodeJS on Azure App Service is no problem. Deploying a NextJS on a DigitalOcean droplet is also no problem. But NextJS on Azure deployment causes this error:

npm ERR! 404 'zeit/next-css' is not in the npm registry.

There are also may strange symptoms that are hard and would take too long to describe and too boring to read.

For example, if I click on "Redeploy", then this will be shown instead of the previous error message. Now, this might be just an artifact.

NextJS on Azure

Long story short, how is your experience if you have dealt with this scenario?


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I done using Azure DevOps. Part of build process, we use npm run build command which looks at package.config and finds dependecies and downloads all node_modules part of build process. The build destination artifacts zip contains dependency modules. The same build goes to Azure App service.

Please check build destination zip folder contains next-css module.