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Quick VS Code tip: skip selections when using Ctrl|Cmd + D

Using Ctrl|Cmd + D in Visual Studio Code allows you to select the next occurrence of the current selection, which is excellent. However, sometimes you get false positives. The way to skip these is to press Ctrl|Cmd + K and Ctrl|Cmd + D in succession. You can see it in this screencast.

Skipping a selecting with a keyboard shortcut

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Adolfo Castelo

The feature we were all asking for.

Thank you for sharing

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Diego Esteban

Thanks for shared

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

Man, VS Code is such a shameless rip off of SublimeText

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Christian Heilmann

I switched from SublimeText to Atom to VS Code back then because the others were open for me to extend using JS/HTML/CSS and not some native format. Before that I used HomeSite, which also had a lot of features that VS Code has now. My main concern about Sublime was that it was slow to update and it cost you money to get a new version. So, this isn't about saying "VS Code is the only thing that does that", but about showing things that made me more effective using it.
VS Code is super available - free, for every platform out there and even as - so, how does this compare 1:1 to Sublime?

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Emanuele Bartolesi

It's a text editor. There are a lot of key features in common with other text editors.
You have the same features in other IDEs like JetBrains and similar. Are they rip off as well?

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

It's just the way VSCode users bang on about all the features as if they're VSCode only and VSCode is the best thing since sliced bread. The command palette for example - a feature that was pioneered by SublimeText before VSCode even existed.

VSCode is a resource hungry, slow rip off of many other IDEs - made free essentially to spy on you, and promote MS services and ecosystem lock in:

Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture

I used to think GitHub Codespaces would help popularise Gitpod but now realize it is the other way around. Gitpod is currently permitted to exist in the Visual Studio Code ecosystem to popularise GitHub Codespaces, and Microsoft can step in at any moment to create legal crises that strategically divide the market from a business perspective because, like Apple and their AppStore: it is their ecosystem that they control and they are in absolute control.


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Git Concepts I Wish I Knew Years Ago

The most used technology by developers is not Javascript.

It's not Python or HTML.

It hardly even gets mentioned in interviews or listed as a pre-requisite for jobs.

I'm talking about Git and version control of course.

One does not simply learn git