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Christian Heilmann
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The 10 tools I install on every new Mac I get

I am currently on a company trip with my brand new MacBook and here are the things I always install first to get started:

  • Homebrew - makes installing of low level stuff a breeze (free)
  • Node/NPM - many things rely on it (free)
  • Dropbox - still be best way to store and share content amongst machines, both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive drive me nuts with their file permission nonsense (paid)
  • VLC - plays everything, has excellent keyboard shortcuts and can in a pinch even record screens for you (free)
  • VS Code - coders gotta edit (free)
  • GitHub Desktop - much, much easier than installing and setting up Git yourself (free)
  • ImageOptim - file resizing and optimising images, even on the command line (free)
  • FFMPEG - converts anything to anything on the command line (free)
  • Handbrake - batch conversion of videos made easy (free)
  • Screenflow - my go-to screen recording and video editing tool (paid)

Other essentials are a VPN (I use Mullvad and ProtonVPN), but that's about it.

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fyodorio profile image

Don't you use something like Alfred or Raycast?

codepo8 profile image
Christian Heilmann

No, I'm OK with spotlight

audioboxer217 profile image
Scott Eppler

I'm a fan of Raycast! :)

irondsd profile image
Konstantin Mednikov

And also Script Kit. You can do a lot of really cool stuff with it if you can write typescript code.

wraith profile image
Jake Lundberg

Raycast is so great! I love having such quick and convenient access to ChatGPT (as well as other plugins).

manuartero profile image
Manuel Artero Anguita 🟨

Saved πŸ‘Œ

My 2 cents (maybe you use some alternatives to these?)

  • jumpcut: clipboard manager (free)
  • spectacles: resize and move windows using shortcuts (free)
  • iterm2: terminal (free)
  • Spotify (usually hits my brand new laptop before the terminal xD)
codepo8 profile image
Christian Heilmann

spotify is on my TV and running in the background or on my phone :)

zakriya7hashmi profile image
Zakaria Hashmi

Add docker desktop to it

codepo8 profile image
Christian Heilmann

As I don't use it, I won't :)

vuong profile image
vuong β›ˆοΈ

OrbStack is the one if you feel Docker is too slow and heavy on local env.

evergrowingdev profile image
Cherlock Code πŸ”Ž

Thanks great tools! I've bookmarked this to remind myself to add some of these to, a directory I built for finding developer tools and resources πŸ™‚

victorrims68524 profile image
Rimsha Victor Gill

This is a great curated list of free and paid tools to optimize productivity, development, media handling, and security on a new Mac