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Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann

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Modern Web Development: Centering DIVs in new exciting wrong ways with AI!

Earlier today I spoke at the Microsoft Reactor meetup in Berlin about frontend development, LLMs, ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot and what it means to our work and careers. In this 32 minute talk and 5 minutes of Q&A, I covered a lot of ground:

  • Introduction
  • Web Development isn't complex technology
  • GPT can create web products from a doodle, or can it?
  • WYSIWYG was never a thing for the web
  • Building web designs from prompts
  • What Web Development is not
  • Things a web design needs to cater for
  • What Web Development means
  • ChatGPT and conversational UI
  • AI will take our jobs - and that's OK
  • Focusing on productivity
  • From Smart Autocomplete to AI Peer Programmers (GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer and GhostWriter AI Mode)
  • Valid criticisms of machine aided code completion
  • The full StackOverflow Developer
  • More than Automated Copy + Paste
  • Context Recognition
  • Code Explanation
  • Code Translation
  • Benefits of a "learning" code environment
  • Evidence of effectiveness of AI code completion
  • Code Brushes as a different interaction model
  • GitHub Copilot X
  • Chat inside the code editor
  • Chat interface for docs
  • Pull request generation
  • Copilot for CLI
  • Code by voice recognition
  • Voice access helps people and shouldn't be a hustle aid
  • Augmenting code practices instead of replacing them
  • Focus shift from writing to reviewing code
  • New skill: Asking the right questions
  • Prompt Engineering (Course on LinkedIn Learning)
  • This is a great time to be a developer
  • Q&A

It was great to present and I am looking forward to expand on some of these topics as they become more available.

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Ingo Steinke

This post needs some code. Please include the source directly in your post instead of linking to external sources. See "how to ask a good question" ... oh wait, this is not my StackOverflow review queue... 😆
I will watch the video later when I have time and an opportunity to listen to the sound as well, but still I would like to like some code examples of centering div elements until 2021.

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Christian Heilmann • Edited

Just nest blockquote elements around it until the indentation feels half the screen minus the width of the DIV.

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Christian Heilmann

There you go:

Image description

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Jan Küster

Remember the <center></center> Tag? 😅