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Nurturing Relationships for AI Excellence

Hey y'all!

If you are new here, hello and welcome! I am here today with CodeNewbie Podcast, where we come to you weekly with an interview with a tech professional, sharing supportive advice for newbies in tech.

What's not to like!

Someone shouting at a computer.

Our first episode of CodeNewbie Podcast Season 27 is out now with Shawn Charles, Developer Advocate from The Hunt.

Happy first day of Season 27! 🎉✨

Shawn tells us more about his journey into tech by maintaining websites for local businesses, what inspired him to do bootcamp, and his advice for finding a career in an AI-predominant job field.

Without further ado, if you would like to listen you can:

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Or, listen wherever you normally get your podcasts.

Cartoon person jamming to music saying, "It's a Hit!"

We will see you next week for more of our AI-themed Season of CodeNewbie Podcast.

If you are eager for more podcast-discussions, tune in over at Podcast Palooza on Mondays to share your favorite content!

Rachel from the DEV and CodeNewbie Teams

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Rachel Fazio

Hello + thank you for joining us with the new season! Anyone have anything they want to see discussed this season?

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Rachel Fazio

Tagging in @shawnbasquiat ! Thank you for coming on the podcast!