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Building an App Was Hard. 🤯 But Stop Making Excuses.

Top 4 reasons not working on your MVP

So this 🤪 crazy app idea has been growing in your head lately. Yet nothing has been done about it, as you don't see clearly how nor when building it.

Business and Market reasons aside, the most common reasons (/cough excuses) not starting working on your crazy idea Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are in my opinion:

  1. 🧍‍♀️ Being alone

    Ok you don't have a team yet, but suck it on.
    If/when reaching for potential cofounders or hires later in the process, you'll be glad to have your MVP. It'll help convey both your idea and investment in the project.

  2. Takes too much time

    Sure. Creating something new and different takes time. But what if? is took less than expected?

  3. 😫 Technology fatigue

    Behind hypes, technology cycles and experts contradictory opinions, there can be some technology fatigue, which will tickle beginners to tech veterans.
    Poundering what language, framework and services to use in a project can be daunting and exhausting. But what if the fatigue were no more?

  4. 🤯 Cognitive complexity

    It's actually sane to think that there is a lot of area to cover for an app to work, and that a lot of knowledge in multiple areas are needed. On top of the actual app development, there is also the question of the database, of the APIs, of the security, authentication, production debugging, etc.
    But what if this cognitive complexity were already tackled by others?

Are you thinking of a 5th reason? Please drop your suggestions in the comments 💬
Also, the 🍰 cake is a lie.

These reasons are outdated

What if all these reasons were no more? (Well... Apart being alone, you're on your own mate)
What if there were a kind of a shortcut?

As lots of us have been tickering, playing and working with lots of technology bits, some of us have converged all this know-how into ready-to-use stacks, that help bootstrapping your next projects.

At codename, we have been developing our take of what a stack should be.

Featuring LOLstack, your ready-to-dev & ready-to-deploy software stack.

Building an App Was Hard. 🤯 Now Stop Making Excuses.

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