re: I spend enough time learning code I don't need any more time to learn apples OS. But seems like a lot of people use Mac. Might need to give it a t...

It's pretty beautiful that the mac is based on Unix* so you can use the same tools on your desktop and on your EC2 server that you are deploying your web server too. I'm on a 2017 macbook pro but I had a 2012 macbook pro until last year and I loved how reliable and speedy it remained all those years.

Dillon, will you use Windows or Linux for development?

*EDIT- Initially I said they were Linux based- Herb pointed out that macs are BSD based which is based on Unix not Linux. Thanks Herb!

Windows. I tried Linux but spent to much time trying to make simple things work. I do like Linux just to big of a learning curve.

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