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Discussion on: Is it better to focus on one coding curriculum at a time as a newbie❓

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Manav Misra

Well, all lurning styles are different, but as an instructor, especially for a 'boot camp,' there is enough information to process, so one at a time is good to start with.
Once you learn a language somewhat deeply, then maybe 🙆🏽‍♂️to browse for 'advanced' topics, as you already know the 'patterns' and maybe you are just learning the syntax at that time.
As an analogy, after one learns a Romance language, such as Spanish, really well and with focus, then, they might be able to jump around between Portuguese and Italian, etc.

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Maeling (she/her) Author

Thank you for the feedback! I think it can be hard to stay focused sometimes when there are so many interesting resources and you're wondering if you're doing enough. I really appreciate the analogy because it makes me think that perhaps zoning in now will help me to branch out down the road. Thanks again!