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Maeling (she/her)
Maeling (she/her)

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Is it better to focus on one coding curriculum at a time as a newbie❓

This year, I started my self-directed journey in learning how to code and decided to start off with these three online curriculums:

Throughout the course of this month, I decided to pause on The Odin Project about halfway during the Web Development section since I was covering HTML and CSS already in the freeCodeCamp curriculum. I'm now in the midst of the first project (Tribute Page) for freeCodeCamp and also in Week 2 of CS50.

I'm now starting to wonder if I should just focus on one curriculum fully and wait to finish one before attempting to complete the other. This is my first time learning how to program in C (in CS50) and because the other project in freeCodeCamp has a different focus (HTML & CSS), I wonder if I need to focus all my efforts on CS50 for the time being.

So I want to know, what does your learning process look like? Have you ever worked on multiple courses (in different languages) at the same time? If so, what was that like? If you made the switch to just focus on one at a time, was that helpful for you?

I would greatly appreciate your helpful input!

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Manav Misra

Well, all lurning styles are different, but as an instructor, especially for a 'boot camp,' there is enough information to process, so one at a time is good to start with.
Once you learn a language somewhat deeply, then maybe 🙆🏽‍♂️to browse for 'advanced' topics, as you already know the 'patterns' and maybe you are just learning the syntax at that time.
As an analogy, after one learns a Romance language, such as Spanish, really well and with focus, then, they might be able to jump around between Portuguese and Italian, etc.

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Maeling (she/her) Author

Thank you for the feedback! I think it can be hard to stay focused sometimes when there are so many interesting resources and you're wondering if you're doing enough. I really appreciate the analogy because it makes me think that perhaps zoning in now will help me to branch out down the road. Thanks again!