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5 Ways to make money as a Developer

Paid Content Creating

Creating content is the appropriate way to elevate or bringing up a brand. Many companies/publications pay you for writing content for their blog, domain, or website. If you are a very good content / technical writer, you can earn up to $300 per article as a developer.

You have to reach out to the publications, whether it could be emailing or messaging them in any way possible. Digital Ocean and Log Rocket are some of the companies that publish articles regularly. Reach out to the companies and write an article that is particular to your domain. This is an easy way to make money without coding all the time.

Selling Interactive Courses Online

You might be wondering what interactive courses are. Let me explain. Well, you all know what courses are on an upper level. They consist of videos and videos and videos, which you can play all day long. These courses don't offer any medium of interactivity as it's one-way communication.

Okay! But where do interactive courses exist? Fear not, Codedamn has launched its creator panel, where you can build your interactive courses, and your learners can now write, run & debug their code from the browser itself. Visit and signup for free to start your journey as an instructor. You can also host them on white-label domains, your course your website.

This is the best way to generate passive income in the long run, as it does not require your attention all the time.

Brand Building and Sponsorships

If you are a person who is mostly into content creating and want to build a good subscriber base and brand for yourself, you should most probably be an active YouTuber or Twitter. For the most part, you can expect any kind until 6 - 12 months have passed, but you can increase your brand value by partnering with other companies or brands that need growth. Look out for brands that'll sponsor your video. Building a good brand for you takes time, and you have to spend time for the community joining live sessions, interacting.

Once you get a good base as a YouTuber, you can now get a chance to explore the sponsorships on your channel and can also tweet about them.

Mentoring other developers

This is something a developer who is still on the journey can also do. You can guide the beginners on the correct path and fill their knowledge gaps. This is similar to trading time for money because mentoring is mostly charged on a time basis. You can only earn when you invest your time. So mentoring is most likely active income, which you have to make actively. This is not a good choice in the long run as this requires a lot of time and energy from the mentor, which may not be possible all the time.

Start Freelancing

Freelancing is a very good way to start your journey as well. You can start with platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and start freelancing on a small project, and once you get a good grip and your name is around the platform, and you have good reviews, you'll probably get bigger projects and can earn a good chunk of money. Read more about freelancing on this blog.


There are fundamentally two ways to gain income, i.e. active and passive ways to get your income. Mostly, everyone starts with active ways and then builds passive ways. Building a passive stream of income takes time and effort. You'll generate enough money to stop the active ways and improve your passive income.

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