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Top 3 JavaScript Tutorials of the Week

Happy Friday! Every Friday at CodeCast we give love to our Top 3 Casts of the week. Our community has been growing quickly, and we're lucky to have many talented developers creating incredible content. This week, we're featuring JavaScript! From vanilla JavaScript to frameworks like Express.js.

Chatty Chat App: Setting Up The Server by @kauress

Chatty Chat Cover

Jannat is creating an ongoing series based on working with APIs, and in the third video of the Chatty Chat series, she works with Express.js to set up to server. It's a perfect video for those wanting to set up an Express.js server for the first time!

JavaScript Coding Challenge: Ternary Operators by @kuangdia

JavaScript Challenges

In the third instalment of Diana's coding challenge series, she focuses on ternary operators. Her videos are fantastic challenges for anyone wanting to brush up on their JavaScript, or test their abilities. Alongside this one, she has one on Regular Expressions as well as common white-boarding questions.

Destructuring Arrays in JavaScript by @kauress

Destructuring Arrays

Knowing how to work with arrays efficiently is an important part coding with JavaScript. Arrays are widely used and being able to destruct them and pull pieces of them out is vital. Jannat takes you into different methods of destructing arrays so you can become an expert at working with arrays in no time.

Want even more videos on JavaScript? We have over 120 video tutorials on JavaScript, ranging from specific topics to course on building out entire applications like a trivia game!

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