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Top 3 Coding Tutorials of the Week

Happy Friday everyone! ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Every Friday at CodeCast we give love to our Top 3 Casts of the week. We're lucky to have some fantastic creators producing great tutorials for us. This week we're featuring content on Elixir, Web Security (with Python), and Building a Chrome Extension! So without further ado...

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Elixir: The |> Operator by @amy

Elixir Cover

Our founder Tam has created a 7-hour introductory course on Elixir and most of the videos end with exercises to do on your own time. Amy has created her own series working through these exercises, and this tutorial goes over the exercises working with the |> operator.

Server Side Request Forgery by @jesusvilla

Server Side Request Cover

Jesus is a security engineer and is passionate about showcasing weak spots and flaws so you can write stronger, more secure code. This Cast focuses on how you people can trick the server into making requests it shouldn't!

Procrasti..nator: Chrome Extension: Introduction by @kauress

Chrome Extension Cover

Chrome extensions are very popular and can be incredible tools. Google has an entire Chrome Extension API with fantastic docs to help you develop your own Chrome extension. In this first part of her course, Jannat goes over what you'll be creating!

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