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Top 3 Casts of the Week #4

It's that time of the week again where we give our love to our top 3 Casts of the week on CodeCast! This week, we have some great videos in store for you, so let's get right into it.

Building A Recipe App by @kauress

Fetch Cover

Using the Spooonacular API, Jannat builds out a recipe app! In this Cast, she works with the fetch API to grab data from Spoonacular. It's a great way to practice fetch requests and working with APIs.

Path Traversal in Python by @jesusvilla

Path Traversal

Jesus is passionate about cybersecurity and in this Cast, he goes over easy it is for someone to introduce a vulnerability in a simple flask application. Of course, he then shows you how to fix it! He has lots more videos on web security coming so be sure to follow him if that's a topic you'd love to know more about.

OOP TypeScript: Working With Classes by @shahzaibkamal

Classes cover

Shahzaib has created an entire Series on learning object-oriented programming basics with TypeScript. In this video, he goes over all the basics of working with classes in TypeScript.

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