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Top 3 Casts of the Week #2

It's that time of the week again where we feature the top 3 Casts we're loving each week on CodeCast. We're lucky to have some really incredible people making content on our site and are really excited to share the content we have for you this week. So let's jump straight into it.

TypeScript Essentials: Functions by @shahzaibkamal

TypeScript Cover

Shahzaib has created his first-ever course on TypeScript, focusing on Objects and Functions. In the second video of the Series, he dives deep into working with functions in TypeScript! Be sure to follow him to stay up to date with his latest content.

Find the video here: 😌

Understanding CSS Specificity by @hiroshiisobe

Specificity Cover

Hiroshi has created a fantastic video all about working with specificity in CSS. Specificity is by far the most important aspect to wrap your head around in CSS, as it can absolutely break your code (or your will 🤪) if you don't have a good understanding of it! Luckily, this video will help you stay on the right track. Be sure to follow him to keep an eye out for any more upcoming content!

Find the video here: 🙌🏻

Maps, Structs & Keyword Lists in Elixir by @tam

Elixir Cover

Tam is the founder of CodeCast and is extremely passionate about Elixir. He actually created an entire Intro to Elixir course on CodeCast with over 7 hours of content! In this video, he covers the concepts of maps, structs, and keyword lists in Elixir, and offers up practice work at the end of the tutorial so you can really master the concept. Be sure to follow him on CodeCast to stay up to date with his latest videos and courses.

Find the video here: 🫶🏻

We hope you love this weeks content as much as we do. Be sure to create a free CodeCast account to show our creators some love, or perhaps create some content of your own to get a chance at being featured.

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