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Intro To Elixir πŸ§ͺ

Elixir is a functional programming language that is gaining popularity. Here at CodeCast, we have built our server using Elixir and Phoenix, and our founder, Tam, is very passionate about the programming language.

Being as new as it is, it's hard to find Elixir courses online that are up to date and include everything we hope to see. So with that in mind, he created the Intro to Elixir course on CodeCast with over 7 hours of content and has listed it for free. You just need a CodeCast account!

Elixir Series

He describes the Series as follows:

In this series, I introduce the basic building blocks of Elixir.

The series is designed for programmers who know some other programming language. For instance, in this series, I won’t be explaining what are variables, functions or conditionals. I will assume that you know them and then show you how these (and many other) things are done in the Elixir language.

We will learn the basics of Elixir and we will learn how to create projects and how to integrate with APIs using HTTP. We will integrate with which is a fun open API that returns Star Wars character and movie data.

My hope is that by the end of the series you will be excited about Elixir as I am to pursue it further.

I follow classroom-style teaching, where I dig deep into the concepts and I intentionally repeat certain things for memory.

You can see the code for the series on Github here:

The link to the course can be found here:

Good luck and happy coding!

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