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Django vs React: Key Difference That No One Will Tell You

Django, a Python framework to create Web applications, focuses on speed and clarity of architecture. React is a JavaScript-based user interface library. In this article we will look at some key differences between Django vs React. We will also discuss when and how to choose the right one. Here's a comprehensive overview of all topics discussed in this article.

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Overview Of Django

Django is a Python web framework that allows programmers to create modules and speed up their development. Django's modules allow developers to create apps or websites directly from existing sources.

Django greatly speeds up the development process by eliminating the need to start over. Django allows you to create backend web application using its Representational States Transfer (REST), architecture. This allows you to create custom APIs.

Overview Of React

React is a JavaScript-based UI design library. It allows you to create modern web applications using minimal programming and effort. React is a library, not a language. It is used by most web developers.

It makes it easier to create user interfaces by splitting each page into several sections. These are components. It is composed primarily of the elements seen on the frontend. It is currently one of most used frontend library.

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Features of Django

The best technology for what purpose can be found in its features. Let's begin the Django features tutorial.

Excellent documentation.
Python Web-framework.
SEO Optimised.
High Scalability
You are versatile in nature
It is highly secure.
It is rigorously tested.
It facilitates rapid development.

Features Of React

JSX is JavaScript Syntax Extension
Virtual Document Object Model
Data binding in one-way
React comes with multiple extensions that allow us to create fully-fledged UI application.
Conditional statements
React.js splits the web page in multiple components because it's component-based

Django vs React: Key Differences You Should Know

Django first appeared in 2005. ReactJs came out in 2013.
Django was built in Python(Our experts are offering the best Python Programming Help to students worldwide.), while ReactJs is written in JavaScript.
Django can be used to develop web pages, and ReactJs can be used to create JavaScript libraries.
Django has a higher level of security than ReactJs.
Django is a difficult language to grasp and learn for the majority of people. ReactJs, however, is much easier because it has a lower learning curve.
Django may not be the best for small applications. ReactJs can handle both large and small applications.
Django may not be very popular and in high demand but React is.
Django has ready-to-use templates, tools, policies, and standards. ReactJs offers reusable functions that can be used to develop applications quickly.
Django framework controls code's access to the ReactJs library. Code controls code's access to ReactJs.
ReactJs allows for easier programme binding.

Final Words

Reactjs or Django should be used for the front end. The Django Rest framework will connect the frontend (Reactjs), to the backend. Before you decide on a language, ensure you understand which one is best for you. We hope you find our blog helpful in clearing up your confusions about Django vs React.

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Um, you can't really compare Django and ReactJS, as one is a backend framework while the latter is a frontend framework. It's like asking "should I use an engine from brand ABC or wheels from brand XYZ to build my car?"