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How To Print & Write Array Values to Files in PHP

Originally posted @ visit and download the sample code:

In this post, I will share a short and simple code on how to print and write array values to files in PHP. If you have a task or problem that needs to write the array value to a file then this is for you. In this example, I'm using file_put_contents() to put the value to a file. And PHP_EOL to newline after loop the array values.


$contents = '';

$programmingLanguages = ['PHP', 'PYTHON', 'C#', 'C++'];

foreach ($programmingLanguages as $programmingLanguage) {
    $contents .= $programmingLanguage.PHP_EOL;

file_put_contents('filename.txt', $contents, true);

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Thanks for reading. I hope this tutorial can help you. Kindly visit here if you want to download this code.

Happy coding :)

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Jimmy Klein

Simple solution, no need to loop :

$programmingLanguages = ['PHP', 'PYTHON', 'C#', 'C++'];
$contents = implode(PHP_EOL, $programmingLanguages).PHP_EOL;

file_put_contents('filename.txt', $contents);
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And file_put_contents don't accept boolean at third parameters, it's better to use flags :

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