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9 useful APIs for your next projects

If you have a list of new software-related projects to start or complete in 2023, these tips will make your life easier!

You probably already know what an API is. But if you need a refreshment, API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s a way for two or more pieces of software to communicate with each other.

Here’s a list of useful and cool APIs you can use in your next projects:

  • Brainshop – It helps you create chatbots based on AI. The basic plan is completely free.
  • Cloudmersive API – This advanced Machine Learning API helps you with your image recognition and processing needs.
  • Count API – It allows you to create simple numeric counters.
  • Currency converter It’s a simple API for currency conversion.
  • Flight API – This API gives you all the information about flights: airport, ticket prices, schedule, and flight status, among others.
  • NASA APIs – It gives you access to different types of data about astronomy, space weather, the moon, mars, and much more.
  • OpenWeather – It gives you access to current weather data and hourly, 5-day, and 16-day weather forecasts.
  • Random user generator API – It allows you to generate placeholder user information. You can get profile photos, names, and more.
  • Spoonacular API - It allows you to access over 5k recipes, 2k ingredients, and 600k food products you can use to build a great food-related app.

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