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Discussion on: Advent of code: 2020 Day 01

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Christopher Nilsson Author

Thanks Anniina for your comment! Great with the visuals and the stack-overflow link. My key take-away is then that the extra keystrokes required to implementing "never check same twice" is not worth haha :)

Oh nice with using sorting and binary search! Seems that python's built-in sort uses timsort which has worst case O(n log(n)). So that would be easy for me to add. How did you solve the binary search part in this puzzle? :)

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Anniina Sallinen

Haha yeah well in practice it's faster, but the time complexity is still the same.

I just wrote a blog post about different solutions to the puzzle and their time complexities, you can check my sort + binary search solution from the post if you like: 😊 The sort + binary sort is still less optimal than your solution with set, but it was fun to implement it!