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CM 64
CM 64

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Hi everyone. I just released my first GMTK game . If you could try out and rate the game that would mean allot :)

Here is the game:

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Hi, the mood of the game is good, graphics are simple ofc, but use of shaders is nice. Sound fits very well too.

Shooting is leftclick for me, not rightclick as mentioned in the manual.

I sometimes get teleported in an area without walls, for no apparent reason. The "?"-boxes may play a role, but the connection is not clear.

Also, after being in that wall-less area for a short while, I die for no visible reason.

it would be nice if the bullets would get destroyed on hitting an enemy or a wall. If the ?-crates are not meant to be shootable, the bullets can pass these.

Hope the feedback helped! :)