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How to convert a Bootstrap theme to a client-editable Hugo site

Do you want to bring something fresh to your Hugo clients? Or perhaps you want to bring the speed and flexibility of Hugo to non-technical users? Look no further. We’ve launched a new in-depth tutorial over on the CloudCannon Learn pages!

(Yes, that ☝️ is a Hugo site with live editing. It's pretty magical, and it's all thanks to our open-source tool Bookshop.)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take an existing, MIT-licensed Bootstrap template, convert it into a Hugo theme, and then set it up for client editing and rich page-building with CloudCannon and Bookshop. You’ll also learn the basics of Hugo navigation, data files, and components, as well as some best practices to ensure that non-technical content editors will be able to make the changes they need, without worrying about breaking the site.

The tutorial uses the Megakit template (see demo here) by the talented team at Themefisher. It’s a business-style template with drop-down navigation, blog, a wide range of components and best of all, a clean design that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

What are we waiting for? Let's start the tutorial.

Once you’ve successfully completed the tutorial for Megakit, you’ll be well placed to take any Bootstrap template and convert it to a Hugo theme. Configuring the template for CloudCannon and Bookshop adds a huge amount of extra functionality for non-technical content editors, including the ability to browse through a component library for page-building, and live rendering for instantly intuitive visual editing.

Plus, with CloudCannon all of your site files are stored in your Git repository, with data, Markdown and HTML files editable by content editors, and developer-defined staging and publishing workflows for specific client needs.

Find more Bootstrap themes from Themefisher, and bring them to Hugo today!

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