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HugoConf 2023

After last year’s successful HugoConf, with 32 speakers and more than 500 registered attendees from 49 countries, we had so much fun producing and taking part that we decided to do it again!

Since its first public version, released back in 2013, Hugo has become an incredibly popular static site generator, most well known for its build speeds. Hugo is also the go-to tool of many of CloudCannon’s Partners and Experts, who bring live visual editing to their non-technical clients with the help of our CMS.

When we first added Hugo support to our CMS we knew that there was a dedicated community of developers who felt strongly about Hugo, its lightning build speeds, and its ability to create lean and performant static websites. We followed up by releasing Bookshop support for live visual editing within Hugo, which we debuted at last year’s HugoConf:

Save the date: Thursday 21 September

Are you planning on attending HugoConf this year? I hope so! We’ll be kicking off on Thursday September 21 (PDT) over at If you’ve already registered you’ll be all set to receive our conference updates, as well as regular helpings of Hugo-specific links, showcases, tutorials, tips and tricks.

If you haven’t yet signed up, now’s the time! Simply fill out the form at the HugoConf homepage, and you’ll be first in line for updates, Hugo news, and (if you’d like), in the draw for secret swag.

Speaking at HugoConf: call for proposals

Want to speak at HugoConf? We’ll offer the same three types of presentation as last year:

Tech talk

Pre-recorded, 20 minutes

Great for workflow, product, and feature demonstrations or tutorials that require additional context or explanations.

Past tech talks have included Custom Shortcodes for the Win, Beyond the Static: adding interactivity to your Hugo sites, and Going wild with Hugo modules.

Lightning talk

Pre-recorded, 10 minutes

A fast walkthrough of a workflow, showcase of a new feature or module, or that ‘one weird trick’ you’ve discovered for Hugo. Ideal for topics that are reasonably self-explanatory, or rely more on a single dependency.

Past lightning talks have included Using Purge CSS with Hugo, Resize all images, and Word to Web with Hugo in 5 Minutes.


Live, 45 minutes

Suitable for long-form examples or workflows that may require full explanation, live code commentary, or may depend on chaining multiple (3+) software tools.

Past workshops have included Building an open-source blogging platform with Appwrite and Hugo, Using GitHub Pages with Actions to deploy Hugo sites in seconds, and How to achieve perfect Google Lighthouse Scores using Hugo.

Get in touch

Even if you’re new to Hugo, do get in touch — fill out the form at, and send us your ideas for a talk before 1 August.

A large part of celebrating the Hugo community is being consciously welcoming to newcomers, so we’d love to showcase a range of Hugo topics, workshops, and tutorials, from beginner to expert level.

Perhaps you’d like to show off a new theme you’ve made, or launch a new module. Maybe you’ve found a publishing workflow you want to share with the world. Whatever the case, I’m happy to discuss your ideas for talks, however rough they may be.

You can get in touch with me at, or on Twitter @hugoconf.

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