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The October Xamarin Best Practices Challenge

The October Xamarin Best Practices Challenge

As you may know by now, Xamarin-related challenges are very popular in 2019; so why not have yet another one.

This challenge would focus on proven best practices in all aspects of creating mobile apps (DevOps, project Structure, cross-cutting concerns, data, API, Testing, App Signing, etc).

How does it work?

If you are already familiar with prior challenges — like the Xamarin UI July challenge from Steven Thewissen, or the Xamarin Month, from Luis Matos- You would know that the challenge is in the style of an advent calendar, where an article about a particular topic is posted every day, by one of the amazing contributors. In this instance though, the article will be included in the Challenge repoas a Pull Request, and if also desired a brief blog post about the topic on the contributor’s own blog. The article should be in English.

What would I write about?

The Challenge Repo will contain a Table of Contents (ToC), with an outline of topics — you can either choose a particular topic from the ToC or add a brand new topic if the ones listed do not cover what you want to write about.

How do I sign up for this?

As the challenges before, we would need at least 30 writers — one for each day- but we will certainly welcome additional contributions. Follow the steps below:

  1. Reserve a spot by submitting a creating an issue on the repo. Once reviewed, we will update the Table of Content with your topic, as well as updating the Calendar.

The article proposed by James Montemagno

  1. Submit a Pull Request. Write the article in a markdown file inside of the challenge repo .

  2. Publish your blog post linking back to the original article and your contribution in the repo.

  3. Post the links on Twitter with the hashtag #XamarinChallenge.

What happens next?

Similar to past challenges, we will have a special event shortly after the month of October to talk about all of the contributions. Stay tuned.

The Calendar

Check out the README.MD File for an Up-to-date Calendar.

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