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At work, I'm currently using two pictures I took when I was visiting a Zoo in Connecticut.


Lock Screen:
Duck with face tucked mostly under wing and one eye visible.


So calm and easy on the eyes.


Awesome. I really love the cactus one. Great color.


On my linux laptop:


Desktop Wallpaper

Lock Screen

Lock Screen Wallpaper

On my MacBook, I have several high res photos of penguins that cycle every 30 minutes.


It sounds like you are a huge fan of penguins!
Do you have any interesting facts about them that you would like to share?


Huge fan, yes! If it's about penguins, I'm going to be interested. My wife recently made me a sticker for my laptop so there's no doubt it's mine. And actually I wrote a short article a couple of months ago for World Penguin Day, explaining why it's a thing.


That's one beautiful painting!!
Great taste BTW.


A photo that I shot myself.

I just like the blend of colours and sense of cozy it gives me :)

Desktop Wallpaper

You can find the actual image at 500px.com/photo/168519423/leaves-b...

(feel free to download and use as you please if you liked it)