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Airflow UI with Role-Based Access Control

This is the continuation to the previous article on the Apache Airflow Installation

To set up the Access control on the Airflow UI:

a. Update the Configuration file
airflow.cfg file (should be available in ~/airflow/ directory) with the below entry.

rbac = True

b. run the below on your terminal


the above step will create file in your $AIRFLOW_HOME location.

most probably, you do not have to make any changes to the file. If you want to make changes, please refer Authentication section of FAB docs.

Now, run the below commands on the terminal

c. run airflow initdb
d. run airflow create_user -r 'admin' -u '' -e '' -f '' -l ''

e. now this will prompt you to enter the password for the user.

Start/Restart the airflow webserver, scheduler, worker.


Launch the airflow UI url, you will see the Login Screen!

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