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Vincent A. Cicirello
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generate-sitemap 1.9.1 Released


I just released generate-sitemap 1.9.1, a GitHub Action for generating XML sitemaps for static websites. The generate-sitemap GitHub Action is implemented in Python, and generates an XML sitemap by crawling the GitHub repository containing the html of the site, using commit dates to generate <lastmod> tags in the sitemap.

Changelog 1.9.1 - 2023-01-16


  • Case-insensitive check for <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> in head of html files.
  • Correct handling of <meta content="noindex" name="robots"> (i.e., content before name).


More Information

To learn more, see my earlier post about generate-sitemap here on DEV:

You can find the source code and documentation for using in a GitHub workflow in the GitHub repository:

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Generate an XML sitemap for a GitHub Pages site using GitHub Actions


cicirello/generate-sitemap - Generate XML sitemaps for static websites in GitHub Actions

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The generate-sitemap GitHub action generates a sitemap for a website hosted on GitHub Pages, and has the following features:

  • Support for both xml and txt sitemaps (you choose using one of the action's inputs).
  • When generating an xml sitemap, it uses the last commit date of each file to generate the <lastmod> tag in the sitemap entry. If the file was created during that workflow run, but not yet committed, then it instead uses the current date (however, we recommend if possible committing newly created files first).
  • Supports URLs for html and pdf files in the sitemap, and has inputs to control the included file types (defaults include both html and pdf files in the sitemap).
  • Now also supports including URLs for a user specified list of additional file extensions in the sitemap.

For more information on generate-sitemap and other actions, see this website about the GitHub Actions that I maintain:

Vincent Cicirello - Open source GitHub Actions for workflow automation

Features information on several open source GitHub Actions for workflow automation that we have developed to automate parts of the CI/CD pipeline, and other repetitive tasks. The GitHub Actions featured include jacoco-badge-generator, generate-sitemap, user-statistician, and javadoc-cleanup.


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