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Registering as a Share Target with the Web Share Target API

Pete LePage introduces the Web Share Target API and the the availability in Chrome via an origin trial

Until now, only native apps could register as a share target. The Web Share Target API allows installed web apps to register with the underlying OS as a share target to receive shared content from either the Web Share API or system events, like the OS-level share button.

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This API is a game changer on the web, it opens the web up to something that was only once available to native apps: Native Sharing. Apps are silos, they suck in all data and make it hard to be accessible across platforms. Share Target starts to level the playing field so that the web can play in the same game.

The Twitter Mobile experience has Share Target already enabled. This post was created using the Share Target I have defined in my sites ‘admin panel’ manifest.json - it works pretty well, and the minute they land file support I will be able to post any image or blob on my device to my blog.

Very exciting times.

Read the linked post to learn more about the time-lines for when this API should go live and how to use the API.

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